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ZURB Foundation responsive web design

Foundation is a responsive front-end framework built by ZURB, a product design company. It is open-source and was released in 2011 under the MIT license.

Some famous brands that the Foundation framework include Adobe, eBay, EA, Amazon, and Mozilla.

What is a CSS Framework?

A CSS framework is commonly used by developers and designers as a tool to speed up the process. A CSS framework, also sometimes referred to as a front-end framework, is essentially a package that is made up of predefined HTML, CSS, and JS which can be used as a starting point to build out a project.

A CSS framework may include these elements:

  • HTML code which help make up the structure of the pages

  • Typography styles

  • CSS to visually change how elements appear

  • JavaScript to change dynamic elements such as drop-downs, expanding menus

  • Responsive media queries

  • Cross-browser compatibility fixes

Google places extra importance on mobile-friendly or responsive web sites

Google has updated its algorithm update for mobile search results in order to "increases the effect" of its mobile-friendly ranking signal.  Google said the goal is to "help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly."

Does your web site pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test?

Try this simple test to see how if Google considers your web site to be mobile-friendly: http://www.google.ca/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly

If your web site passes, this test, then try this advanced test to see if your mobile site is loading fast enough: https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com

Contact us to make your web site responsive and mobile-friendly

Whether you need to have a new “responsive” mobile-friendly web site built from scratch or just some upgrades to your existing mobile site to ensure your site is up to Google’s standards, contact Fusion Creations Inc. in Calgary for a free consultation.



Fusion Creations Inc.
Web design, SEO, and web marketing in Calgary and beyond.


Fusion Creations Inc.
Web design, SEO, and web marketing in Calgary and beyond.